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Based in Springfield, Missouri, SVN | Rankin Company has been an industry leader in providing professional brokerage, leasing and property management services in Southwest Missouri since 1990. We aren’t the only commercial real estate brokerage firm in the area, and while we believe that competition is good for the marketplace, we also believe that “The SVN Difference” sets us apart from other firms and serves the best interest of our clients.

The Right People

In addition to a keen understanding of commercial property management and brokerage, our talented group of advisors collectively possess decades of experience in buying and selling properties in Southwest Missouri. Many of our brokers consistently rank in the nation’s top 20 brokers, in total project dollars, among more than 950 SVN brokers nationwide.

The Right Process

“At SVN, we believe that achieving the highest and best price is our client’s right. This is why we practice compensated cooperation where we proactively share fees with outside brokers. Our distribution channel for commercial real estate assets is the entire brokerage community, and that’s the key to driving up the value for a property… We want to transform the commercial real estate industry into a more functional, efficient ecosystem that benefits everyone.”

Do you know that the top 5 national brokerage firms account for only 13% of all transactions?  SVN Rankin is the only nationwide firm that consistently markets to the entire brokerage community. SVN Rankin brings you the other 87% of the market.

The Right Platform

“We believe that representing the client’s interest ahead of our own, realizing true market value by maximizing competition, and sharing our commissions 100% of the time is not just good business… it’s the right thing to do! And that’s the SVN difference.”

SVN Rankin aggressively markets to and cooperates with all brokers, everywhere*. No other nationwide brokerage firms do this. This means that SVN Rankin’s strategy generates “bidding wars” in your favor throughout the whole marketplace.

*We have a written policy for this uncommon cooperation on every listing.

Good Business Done the Right Way

SVN Rankin goes far beyond the brokerage industry’s standard services to market your property.

Look as long as you want. You won’t find another firm that offers you:

  • Your Own Property Web Site to enable buyers around the world to have instant access to your listing in an interactive format.
  • Promotional Property Listing on the SVN Rankin Web Site, which receives more than 1,000 hits per week from investors.
  • Property E-Mail Marketing using our proprietary tracking e-mail program assures that your message reaches thousands of brokers and investors interested in properties like yours every two weeks.
  • Accelerated Marketing Strategies to design special programs tailored to your specific need provided by experts in our proprietary Accelerated Marketing Division.
  • Full Brokerage Services and Exclusive Marketing Programs.
  • Realty Advisor and Consultation Services in all investment options from full ownership or joint venture partnerships to syndicated offerings and consortium arrangements.
  • Professional Property Management for investment properties at any level of management you wish.
  • Leasing Services for owners so your property performs at top revenue production at its maximum value.
  • Financing Services for finding the financing that best meets your objectives from among an almost infinite number of options.
  • Development Services from complete turnkey to any or several parts of property development needs to bring your investment to fruition in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Good enough isn’t good enough. SVN | Rankin Company strives for excellence because our clients deserve nothing less.

SVN | Rankin Company supports the following non-profits: BCFO Boys & Girls Clubs | Convoy of Hope |  The Kitchen


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